Facebook ads allow you to target in new ways. Want to reach female wine enthusiasts in Sarasota, or marketing executives at Fortune 1000 companies, or computer engineering students at Harvard?  Facebook lets you pinpoint exactly who will see your ad based on their location, age, sex, likes & interests, fan affiliations, education, work, relationship status, and more.  And, like Google, you only pay when someone clicks  your ad.

We wrote the book on Facebook Advertising and have developed an expertise in this powerful marketing platform.

AboutFaceDigital understands the Facebook ad platform better than anyone.  We know how to micro-target and hone in on your exact consumer.  We are able to quickly and cost-efficiently test, optimize, and scale your campaigns.  And, we know how to track and measure your ad’s performance right down to the conversion.

We wrote the book(s)…

Facebook Advertising for Dummies Facebook Advertising for Dummies