What is About Face Digital?

At AboutFaceDigital® we’re all about Facebook marketing. A new breed of agency specialized and singularly focused on influencing the social graph, AboutFaceDigital brings together a unique set of Facebook-centric services, including creative design, media buying, application development, public relations, event management, brand ambassadorship, media optimization, fan engagement and F-commerce.

We have a unique perspective and depth of social networking knowledge that has propelled us to the apex of our field. Our proprietary technologies, methodologies and services enables us to generate buzz, build brand and drive sales, traffic and/or awareness on behalf of our clients.

AboutFaceDigital takes a strategic approach to Facebook marketing. Our executives come from traditional marketing and viral specialty agencies to bring a unique perspective to marketing within a social networking medium. We understand the intricacies and complexities of social networks and continually push the boundaries of creativity. Our programs are grounded in traditional marketing practices but encompass new technologies and proven practices to engage consumers in the Facebook paradigm.

If you’re looking for an agency to help steer your organization in the quickly evolving Facebook universe, take an about face turn to AboutFaceDigital. We invite you to find out what we know that the others don’t. We live at the crossroads of Facebook marketing and technology.


We wrote the book(s)…

Facebook Advertising for Dummies Facebook Advertising for Dummies